Firearm Transfers and how to do it




This is probably the most common question regarding online purchases.. "how do I buy a gun online?"  Well, buying one is easier than you think.  Most shoppers will find an online retailer for thier purchase or go to a online auction service to find that item they are looking for.


Once you find that item online, you will purchase it and contact myself with all of the details of the transaction, ie; person whom you bought the firearm, invoice number (if any), item number & description, seller's contact info, and any other related information you may have regarding the transaction.  I will then email or fax the seller my FFL/SOT for their file and then the seller will then ship the item directly to me once you have paid for the item.  When the item arrives at my shop, I will notify you at that time so we can make an appointment for you to come and complete the necessary paperwork (Federal & State forms and background check as needed).


Normally, for long-arm transactions, once the paperwork is submitted & background check is complete (and approved), you will be able to take the item home with you same day.


For hand gun purchases, once you complete the paperwork & approved background check AND if you have a valid concealed carry license, you will be able to take the handgun home with you same day.  If you DO NOT have a concealed carry license, there will be up to 10 day wait period while your local law-enforcement official performs their necessary checks on you.  Sometimes approval comes back in alot less time depending on their work load.


To make the paperwork/background checks a smooth process, please bring your valid driver's license, concealed carry license, or any other government picture ID that may be necessary/helpful.  I will only transfer to US Citizens/WA State residents that are legally able/allowed to own a firearm.


Please be advised that WA State law requires that ALL firearms dealers collect sales tax on the invoice amount of the item.  This will be collected at the time of paperwork submittal along with the $15 transfer fee associated with the transaction.


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Firearm Estate Liquidation


Tenex, Inc  will help you sell your firearms – large or small quantities.  You will find that we are one of the cheapest commission based sellers in the state which means more money in your pocket.


Get Fair Market Value for your Firearms

We have an experienced staff and resources to quickly market your firearms so that you don’t have to wait months for payment. We have an in house marketing team and photographer that will shoot high quality, custom photos of every item being sold. Detailed photography can help guarantee top dollar for your firearms.


Fast Payment

We can sell all of your firearms for you in as little as 7 days and provide payment in as little as 10 days.


We handle all types of firearms

We can help you quickly sell any number of firearms including pistols, rifles, shotguns, antique guns, militaria, and even class III suppressors & AOW's. We have both a federal firearms license and a Class 3 SOT license allowing us to handle nearly all types of firearms.


Peace of Mind

Selling firearms to private parties that you do not know can be unsettling and under certain instances, illegal. You may not know what your firearms are worth or how to market them to bring top dollar. There is also a lot of liability and laws pertaining to selling firearms. We take this burden off of you and ensure that all transactions are completed legally and firearms are sold to individuals who can legally own them.


You don’t have to worry about the security of your collection when you deal with Tenex, Inc. We document each firearm we receive from you and provide an inventory listing with serial numbers when we take possession. All firearms are kept in our secure and climate controlled storage area until they are sold.  Our entire facility is remotely monitored and secured.


Individuals or Power of Attorneys

We work with both private parties and power of attorneys on estates.  We handle anything from downsizing your firearms collection to liquidating estates containing hundreds of firearms.


Additional Information


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Layaway Program


To make your shopping experience even easier, we offer 30 Day Lay-a-way on firearms that are IN STOCK over $100.


The process is simple, with a 50% down payment an item will be pulled from inventory and placed on lay-a-way for you. From the date of order, you have 30 Days to pay for the item in full. 

If the item is not paid in full within 30 Days, the merchandise will be returned to stock for sale and all lay-a-way payments including the down payment will be forfeited.


Due to the nature of lay-a-way, the items cannot be canceled or changed during the lay-a-way period since the item(s) have been pulled from inventory. All Lay-a-ways Are Considered Firm Purchases. When firearm is paid for in full. Federal and Washington State paperwork must be completed before firearm transfer.



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Firearm Consignment 8/9/17

Bring in your firearms and let us sell them for you.

We charge 20% and you keep the rest.







Stock Watch- VIP Program

We offer a stock watch program where we can add you to our list to watch or hunt down those hard to get firearms and accessories.

We try to do all the leg work so you don't have to. Once an item you choose to look for comes in stock, we will notify you via email immediately.


Not in the Blaine, WA area?  No problem!  We ship NATIONWIDE to any valid FFL dealer in your area.


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